Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What do you see in the clouds?

For a few minutes today, we stopped everything we were doing - homework, cleaning, cooking - and went outside to sit on our back patio to sit and stare up at the clouds. This isn't something that we often take the time to do. It seems that we are all so busy these days.

This morning it was gloomy with forecasts calling for more thunderstorms. We lucked out and the storms passed us this time, leaving us with a sunny sky and big, billowy clouds. You can still see some leftover storm clouds hanging around but overall, mostly a light blue (or as they call it here Carolina Blue) sky.

(Not to be out done, if you take a look outside will see a Steelers' black sky!) Haha! That's a joke with us around here!

It was so nice to hear the kids giggling innocently as they described what they saw in the clouds.

Little Sister saw a shark in the top, left cloud and a turtle in the far right cloud. Big Brother, on the other hand, saw a person in the top, left cloud and a rabbit in the far right cloud.

Below, Little Sister saw airplanes in the bunch of clouds to the left. In the big cloud on the right, she saw a fish with a big googly eye (pointing toward the left). Big brother saw a flock of birds on the left and turtle on the right.

As for Mom and Dad, we saw peace and harmony....if only for just a few minutes!

We really need to do this more often!

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