Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Family Fun

It's been a very busy week for us. Along with everything that we've been doing inside the house, the weather has been busy changing from sun, to rain, to sleet, and then back to sun rain tonight. Very strange!

Sleet and rain before the sunshine

Big Brother and Little Sister loved watching it sleet! Believe it or not, the sun was shining brightly the next day.

Friday night we watched Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler. My kids and husband thought this movie was hilarious. I fell asleep less than half way through it. -not my cup of tea. I like silly movies but this took silliness rather far, in my opinion. The rest of them are still quoting the movie and laughing about it today.

We rented it from Redbox. Have you tried this yet? It's a great way to watch movies for a really cheap price - and if you do some searching, there are free codes out there, too! Nothing beats a free movie!

Little Sister was busy on Friday night and Saturday night! She lost one tooth on Friday and another again last night! She is anxiously awaiting a visit from the Tooth Fairy.


~*amber*~ said...

YAY for little sister! Hope the tooth fairy treated her well. :)

The weather here has been awesome. 70's everyday, with a rain shower here and there.

We use Netflix, and Bedtime Stories is next on our list I believe. We are all anxious to see that one, especially me, I LOVE Adam Sandler.

We haven't tried Redbox, but I have seen it at our Walmart here.

Tami said...

Redbox works out great for us since it seems like we are always at WalMart for one thing or another. Lately Big Brother has been staying after school for the play and now that the play is over they are staying after for practice for the EOGs. On those days, I usually pick up Little Sis and we go shopping or to the library for two hours...and that's when we pick up the video and then back to school to pick up her brother. :)

I hope that you enjoy BedTime Stories more than I did! I like Adam Sandler, too, but this on wasn't funny to me.

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