Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Twilight - Are you joining the craze?

Big Brother has just finished reading Twilight. I'm not sure what really drove him to want to read this book--the fact that he is a tween boy in search of a girlfriend and the girls in his class that "like" him have all read it; maybe it's the fact that he likes taking a stand and going against the norm by saying that no one -especially his buddies - can tell him that he "can't" read the book because it's a girl's book series.... or maybe it just the fact that the book is worth 18 points toward his A.R. reading goal for this nine weeks in school if he earns a 100% on the A.R. test.

Whatever the reason, he read it and enjoyed it. Now he wants to see the movie. He's prepared himself this time and realizes that the movie probably won't hold up to the book. He's learned that the movie on the screen will never equally match the movie that he created in his head while reading. Such was the case of The Series of Unfortunate Events. Talk about a shock. He still talks about how disappointed he was in the movie after reading the books.

On to New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn..... Looks like he's going to have some summer reading to do. And this is NOT a bad thing!

If you're reading this, please let us know if you've read Twilight and/or have seen the movie. We'd love to know what your opinions are on the book and the movie!


~*amber*~ said...

I think that is awesome that he read it. And even better for him that it benefits his school reading.

I've not read it or seen it. I actually have the movie here at home but haven't watched it yet. My kids want to see it, but as you know they are 6 and 7 (almost 7 and 8), is it OK for them to see?

Tami said...

Hi Amber, We haven't watched it yet -maybe this weekend? - I'll let ya know. I haven't heard of it containing anything graphic that shouldn't be seen.

Tami said...

Amber, Have you watched this movie yet?

We thought that it was "ok" but the book is MUCH better!

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