Saturday, March 28, 2009

Friday night family night

Big brother spent the night at a sleepover at his school Friday night. The sleepover was a reward for the students who reached their Accelerated Reading goals for the nine weeks. 41 boys and girls - brave teachers! The plan was to keep them busy all night long, and then have them go to sleep by midnight--yeah, right! Big brother said that they had a great time--he's been talking about it non-stop since I picked him up at 7:30 this morning ....but he hadn't been to sleep at all! (not a real shocker) Thankfully he gave out around 11:00 am and fell asleep for about 3 hrs.

Little Sister, Dad and I spent the night together. We took her to Dairy Queen for dessert. After that, we came home and she played with some Playdoh that she picked out of her class treasure box for having a good week in school. Then it was time to watch a movie and shell & eat peanuts --a tradition that has come about between this father and daughter from over a year ago.

We watched the Disney movie Bolt.

I was really disappointed with this movie. Usually I can find something that I like about most Disney movies, but it was really hard for me to find something in this one.

The good points: Bolt is a totally cute puppy, that much is true. The smarty pants cat and the hampster are lovable, too. The pigeons cracked me up!

The bad points: In the beginning of the movie, they show the little girl riding through traffic on her motorized scooter--in my opinion, that's not really smart. Granted, I know that this isn't a real movie but you have to remember that young kids are watching these movies. Toward the end they show the little girl passed out in a burning building. I could've come up with several other ways that the dog could've become her hero instead of dealing with that idea. On top of all of this, the movie drags on and on.....

Big Sister seemed to like the movie, although she was almost crying when the dog was lost and looking for his owner. She hasn't talked about the movie like she usually does so I would say that it's not one of her all-time favs, either.

If I had to give an opinion on this one, I would say PASS ON IT.

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Amanda said...

No kidding on the brave teachers! Glad he had a good time :) TJ's getting ready to go to camp next week, it's a 6th grade field trip. He'll be gone for a few days!

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