Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday Night Game Night

I received two new Wii games this week to try out and review. We decided to make our family game night a Wii competition. We played Help Wanted and PennyRacers Party Turbo-Q Speedway. Neither game requires a lot of skill or deep thinking - which is perfect for a fun, competitive game night with the family.

PennyRacers Party Turbo-Q Speedway was really enjoyed by my kids. Even my 5 yr. old raced around the tracks laughing her head off. I showed just how really bad I am at playing racing games. haha! You can customize 50 + different cars - my son liked that part of it. This game is not for the serious racers, in my opinion it is geared more toward younger kids. It got a lot of laughs out of us, just the same.

In the game Help Wanted, a meteor is heading to Earth and you have a chance to save everyone; but first you must buy very expensive equipment. To earn the money for the equipment, you must take on 50 odd jobs - everything from milking cows, juggling, picking carrots to being a monster in a haunted house.

We had a lot of fun laughing at each other as we picked carrots and juggled balls. We looked down right silly trying to milk a cow without the cow kicking us off and running away. Again, this is not a game for someone who is looking for a serious challenge, but if you like games where you can have clean, fun competition with your family or a game that your kids can compete with their friends, this game provides lots of fun. Due out this summer.

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~*amber*~ said...

We've looked at buying a Wii and I think we need to. The games for the Wii seem so kid oriented. That would be great for my little ones.

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