Sunday, September 21, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten!

This was the best I could do to get a smile out of Little Sis this morning. I could tell the the "first day" jitters where taking over.

A little more of a smile at school. She picked the only wall that had no decorations on it to stand in front of. She wouldn't have it any other way so here it is. She's just like her Mom, you can see the nervousness written all over her face. (yes, she was pulling at my heartstrings!)

Sitting at her desk. :)

The first week of actually getting her into the classroom was the worst. Tears flowed every day from both of us. I felt like such a horrible mother for leaving her like that. After she was in class, though, she enjoyed it. Now that she's used to it, she loves her teacher and school! :)

Big Brother opted out of pictures this time.

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