Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Falling Leaves" Science Project

UPDATE: Andy earned an "A+" on this project! Way to go, Andy!!!

Andy is hard at work on his science project. This year the focus is on leaves. He loved going out on the search to find as many different types of leaves that he could find.

He found 14 different leaves on his first search. Here they are seperated into baggies with the name of each leaf written on the bag.

What he didn't expect to come up with on this excursion was another case of poison oak. UGH! He's itchy (and a little grouchy) but he'll survive once the medication starts working. This isn't our first round with poison oak, so we knew just what we had to do. ;) Hopefully Little Sister won't get it, too.

Andy learned more than he expected to learn working on this project. Not only did he learn about the leaves around us, but he learned to create a WORD document and how to laminate items.

Here is what the binder consists of:

Front Cover

Front Cover-Close Up

He's now anxiously awaiting to see what grade he receives on it.


~amber~ said...

That looks awesome! I am sure he will get an 'A'.

Tami said...

I'll tell him to check out your comment. He will love it!

He's still waiting to find out his grade on this.

homemoma said...

what a great project

Kathy said...

Nice project!! Love your site. I remember doing two of those projects with my kids and it looks like I will be doing it again soon!!!

We made a family one day trip out of my oldest daughters project. We drove up to skyline drive in VA and collected the "Big" leaves. It was a blast!

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