Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rewards for Good - Make that Great! - Grades

Big Brother cashed in today with some fun rewards for earning all A's .

Family Video will give each child a coupon for one free rental of a movie or video game for each "A" earned. 5 grades = 5 "A"s = 5 coupons!

He was so sweet to share his coupons with his sister. Little Sister has a awesome report card but since they don't get graded with letter grades, they wouldn't accept her report card. Big Brother to the rescue...he gave her 2 coupons and kept 3 for himself.

He rented a Wii game, MLB 2k9 and the movie Paranormal Hour. He is so into the paranormal stuff right now. He decided to keep his other coupon to use later on.

Little Sister rented a Nintendo DS game, Pampered Pets and the movie Tinkerbell.


Off we went to Krispy Kreme. They reward good grades with 1 glazed donut per "A". 5 glazed donuts for Big Brother! Again, he shared them with the family.

If you're aware of any other reward programs out there, we'd love for you to share them with us.


~*amber*~ said...

My kids don't earn letter grades yet either so I don't know of any more than you had said. They get a flyer from school about the donut thing, but we too can't participate in that. Our school gives out ALL kinds of certificates from different businesses in the area that give away things like that for good grades or good behavior at school.

Tami said...

My daughter didn't earn letter grades, either, so it was hard on her to not be able to show off her report card. Thankfully her brother was nice enough to share with her. :)

The only certificates that I remember Andy bringing home for good grades was for a fish camp in the area. Other than that, they brought home certificates for the skating rinks during the holidays.

Andy also got ABBIT (As and Bs Because I Tried) awards. I'm so proud of him earning such good grades. I hope that middle school isn't too much of a shock to him!

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