Friday, November 14, 2008

Halloween ~ Better late than never!

We decided not to go trick or treating this year...instead we volunteered at the kids' school fall carnival. The kids' still had a good time participating in the carnival games.

I was in charge of the "Ghost Bowling" game. What a hoot! We made it fun and had a line for much of the night backed out into the main floor. lol! Thankfully 3 other parents showed up to help out + I put Dad to work, too. It certainly was a family event! The money that was spent on tickets to play the games went toward buying new books for the library. :)

Before the carnival:


Anonymous said...

FABULOUS costumes, guys! Your makeup looks fantastic. I know you had a wonderful time.

My boys, ages 9 and 11, made their costumes -- one was Ash from Pokemon (we sprayed his strawberry blond hair black -- he loved that), and the older one was a ghost with a sheet but with a hiphop look (sideways baseball cap and home-made medallion around his neck). He looked pretty funny.

Janie McQueen

~*amber*~ said...

Cute costumes! The carnival sounds fun.

Amanda said...

They look so cute Tami!

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