Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mother Nature's Beauty

The Catawba River runs near our house. We decided to stop at one of the boat docks while waiting for the pharmacy to fill my son's prescriptions - he's recoverying from Bronchitis. :(

The fall colors are just starting to peek out at us. The weathermen say to give it about two weeks for the prime color viewing is here.

Mr. Goose was being nosey and decided to come over to see what we were doing.


~amber~ said...


Sharon said...

Love the pics! Seems like you live in a beautiful area!

Tami said...

Thanks Amber!

Thanks Sharon! This dock area happens to be tucked away from the city.

Amanda said...

Pretty pics Tami :) By the looks of what the kids are wearing, the weather is still pretty warm by you. I just posted a bunch of fall pics and pics of the farmer's market and pumpkins. It was nice over the weekend and has been cold since then. Rainy today. :-P

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